Acrylic Paintings


Anguish– Acrylic on Canvas-24 inches by 30 inches.-This image came into being of its own accord. It is the way one feels when contemplating great loss; of our loved ones, of biodiversity or changes of life so vast one can not actually comprehend them.

In a time when our culture is changing rapidly and great uncertainties lie in every direction, great distress can prevail with us. In capturing this assault on the senses, one is able, perhaps to step outside of it, to gain some perspective.

As They Go By

This piece uses a gesso under layer to create texture and vibrancy. The yellow acrylic ink stains into the background providing a sharp contrast to the acrylic paint laid on top. Image continues around the edges so appears complete from any angle.

“Field” 24″ x 30″, is an acrylic on canvas painting of a summer hay field along Hwy 19A on Vancouver Island.