Pencil and Ink

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Paradise – Plan View

“Paradise - Plan View” (#812), from the “Paradise” series. 22" X 30" mixed media
“Paradise – Plan View” (#812), from the “Paradise” series. 22″ X 30″ mixed media

Paradise – Plan View – 22″ X 30″; mixed media on rag paper

“Paradise – Plan View” is from the “Paradise” series. It is a favourite that I kept for myself, but there is only so much wall space so it’s time for this one to go out into the world.

This rich riot of texture and marks uses charcoal, soft and hard pencil, white and black conte, and graphite stick on paper. As I was working on it, I felt as though I was creating a Google Earth image in black and white.

Catalogue No. 812

"Last Rites" (#009-5); 22"x30"; pencil and ink on paper
“Last Rites” (#009-5); 22″x30″; pencil and ink on paper

Entitled Houses

Entitled Houses (#811PRb); 22'x30"; pencil on paper
“Entitled Houses” (#811PRb); 22″x30″; pencil on paper

Entitled Houses – 22″x30″; pencil on paper

Catalogue No. 811PRb